Category: Product Photography

Category: Product Photography

How To Use Ghost Mannequin Photography Effects For Clothing

admin November 15,2017

If you’re in the apparel business, you’ve faced the challenge of demonstrating a product’s fit without breaking the bank or distracting your customer. Customers need to see the shape of a product; flat or folded displays don’t provide the necessary level of detail. Your product photography must show the products being worn, but models are


TIPS: The simplest ways to fix shadow mistakes when shooting photos.

admin April 11,2017

When shooting an item, the shadow effect needs to be avoided because it would lessen the beauty and attraction of the product in the eye of the customer. Below are those methods for shadow pushing in the simplest ways:  Set up lighting lamp in a suitable way When you shoot product item in a studio,


How to shoot interior photos for E-commerce office?

admin March 29,2017

 Like other products, when shooting interiors, it is always necessary to require techniques and styles. In this post, I will guide you all how to take interior photography in the closed space. ALSO ON OUR BLOG: Product Photography Tips There are many different ways to take interior pictures. One of them is architectural photography in order


Tips on capturing products with glossy and reflective surfaces.

admin March 29,2017

For photographers or even for inexperienced ones, taking products with glossy and reflective surfaces is extremely difficult for them. In this article, I want to share with you ways of capturing photos with a glossy and reflective surface. When it comes to the photo of the product, it is important to remove unexpected reflections from


Tutorial Video : How to Retouch high-end Ring Photos ?

admin March 28,2017

  There are a lot of details when it comes to jewelry. There are beautiful, high-quality photos showcasing these details. they are essential factors for a professional, consistent and reputable site, so let learn how to retouch the jewelry product photography that photographers often fall into when photographing their products. Just follow video tutorial below


TIPS : How to shoot fashion photography with accessories

admin March 25,2017

It is said that most people have an interest in the shooting fashion products with accessories. As a photographer, I’ll share with you 4 tips for shooting fashion photos with accessories and these following things will definitely give you more information when having the intention to combine like this. Look at the photos using the


TIPS: 15 simple and effective tips for product photography

admin March 18,2017

We know that everyone in different fields who wants to get the best result must invest effort, time and even money. However, these tips below, I hope to help you to save a lot of these things. Getting ready! Cleaning product before taking photo This is a very simple step that newbies rarely notice. If


DIY: How to make simple and effective product photography ?

admin March 14,2017

We know that everyone in every field who wants to get the best result must invest effort, time and revenue. The most successful online selling channels for today’s retailers are the ones on which they post unique, high-quality product images. You must learn how to take professional product photos. We will give for you the best way


TIPS: 8 tips to capture high-quality photos by smartphone

admin March 11,2017

  When it comes to running a business, product image is always the important factor for any stores. However, not every shop owner can invest in a photo studio with expensive equipment. One of the current trends the shop owners select is to use smartphones as professional product photography. Its sounds a bit crazy, but


Tips: How to write product descriptions for sell ?

admin March 10,2017

  Is your writing product description currently attractive enough or not? Is product description able to convince the reader to click on the “Buy Now” or “Try it now”? Or is the simple that you list the features of the product and show what it is used for? Let’s write absolutely attractive product descriptions in


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