Category: Photo Tips

Category: Photo Tips

How to capture great low key images ?

admin August 15,2017

Low key image refers to a style of photography in which the use of black tones is dominant to create an impressive image. When shooting under strong light conditions, the contrast becomes weaker, and vice versa, when shooting in low light, the contrast becomes clear to highlight the subject. Not only to create a dark


Tips to take greate abstract photographs

admin August 14,2017

    There are a lot of genre of photography, but they are divided into two major categories that are documentary and art. Abstract photography belongs to the second one. It is the unity of texture, shape, color, and pattern. Abstract photography has no particular rule. Therefore, every photographer creates variations, depending on how they


10 tips to take beautiful photos with the digital camera.

admin August 11,2017

No need for expensive DSLR, just with the popular Digital Camera, you can completely capture the best moments of family and friends. Let’s explore 10 digital photography tips with us! Warm Tone You may have seen some photos of cold tone. That is because the light balance setting of the camera is set to “auto”


The secret to get beautiful photos for people who are not photogenic

admin August 3,2017

  You are afraid to take pictures because you are not photogenic? You always wondered why your friend “looks” much pretty in the photo. Although in real life, you and your look and hers are quite the same? There’s a secret!  Today, we will tell you secrets to have beautiful spring photos with family and


Something that you must notice about photos in your websites

admin April 21,2017

After investing a lot of money on hiring the advisor and website designers, finally, you already have your own professional online selling website. Then all you need now is updating products on your website and attracting the customers that visit your website. The job of optimizing images has become an important part of building a


TIPS: Beautiful angles you should know when shooting photos

admin April 19,2017

  Shooting photography is a necessity when you start selling online or doing online advertisement. The customers observe the product in different angles to have the best understanding of it. The more specific detail you give about a product (including product images), the higher level that customers trust in your website. Below are the best


TIPS: The simplest ways to fix shadow mistakes when shooting photos.

admin April 11,2017

When shooting an item, the shadow effect needs to be avoided because it would lessen the beauty and attraction of the product in the eye of the customer. Below are those methods for shadow pushing in the simplest ways:  Set up lighting lamp in a suitable way When you shoot product item in a studio,


Tutorial video: How to mask a photo on Photoshop ?

admin April 8,2017

Masking is a process of taking the object from the previous background, while the image remains untouchable. The people also use it to remove any unwanted part of the shot. If you want your photo has the different background, outsource your photo masking services. Mostly, the masking services are used to replace the complicated thing’s


TIPS: How to take photos of jewelries ?

admin April 8,2017

Getting high-quality jewelry pictures is a problem that has not been solved well, yet. However, there are some shooting techniques used by professional photographers, which can be applied to all amateurs but can still bring about impressive results. Set up lighting lamp and other equipment In preparation for the shoot, we used an “EZ cube’’


Tutorial video: How can you create a reflection?

admin April 4,2017

Do you know shadow in your product images can create a context for your customer and feel like the item is on display in a clean and great environment? How can you create a reflection? Watch the video tutorial and follow the instructions below to learn how to create a reflection shadow using Photoshop. This


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